Rental Terms and Conditions

Dear guests, it is our wish and our special concern to provide you a perfect vacation experience so that you should feel at home in our apartments, holiday homes, villas and other holiday accommodations. We, therefore, kindly ask you to read carefully the following lines of our General Terms and Condition.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

 We would like to thank you for your trust and the opportunity to greet you as our guest in our holiday accommodations and we wish you a pleasant stay! 




ISTRA EXPERT is a travel and holiday rental agency (hereinafter: ISTRA EXPERT) owned by a commercial company Exoriens d.o.o. specializing in vacation rental mediation and renting of private accommodations, including furnished apartments, holiday houses, private villas, mobile homes and other types of accommodation. ISTRA EXPERT concludes contracts for providing vacation rental services directly with the property owners in order to provide its guests the best possible services. All advertised vacation rentals have been inspected personally by the ISTRA EXPERT and are in possession of all the required licences issued by the relevant state authorities. 


The rental agreement, which you enter into with ISTRA EXPERT as an agent and intermediary, is a contract actually concluded between you as a lessee and the property owner as a lessor. These Terms and Conditions apply to the rental agreement concluded with ISTRA EXPERT as an agent and intermediary between you as a lessee and the property owner as a lessor. ISTRA EXPERT acts exclusively as an agent and shall be liable only as such since the services it provides are carried out on behalf and for the account of third persons.   By making a down payment for the reservation of the selected private accommodation in the desired travel period, you unconditionally accept these general terms and conditions and agree to comply with them. ISTRA EXPERT reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions which enter into force with the day of publication on ISTRA EXPERT ( Website.   

After receiving a written confirmation of the reservation from the guest, the guest shall be sent a electronic booking confirmation containing all the details of the location of the vacation rental and all other necessary contact and bank account details for the down payment for vacation rental. With the sending of the booking confirmation and following the successful and timely payment of the down payment (after the down payment is has been credited to the ISTRA EXPERT account), the rental agreement concluded between the guest as a lessee and the property owner as a lessor shall become valid. The rental agreement shall consist of the written booking confirmation and these Terms and Conditions.

At the time of booking, the guest must be at least 18 years old.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are expressed in EURO and vacation rental per night. The prices can also be found on the ISTRA EXPERT website.  The prices quoted on the ISTRA EXPERT website in EURO are converted from the local currency KUNA (HRK) according to the Croatian National Bank exchange rate. The costs for water, gas and electricity consumption, towels, bed linen, kitchen towels, internet access, sojourn tax and VAT are included in the rental price. The registration fee will be charged as a one-off cost added to the rental price. 

To confirm a booking, a down payment in the amount of 30% of the total agreed rental price shall be made to ISTRA EXPERT bank account within__________days following the receipt of the booking documents. The down payment is calculated against the total rental price for the selected private accommodation. The rental agreement concluded between the owner of the holiday accommodation as a lessor, the guest as the lessee and ISTRA EXPERT as a mediator and agent shall become binding and the present GTC, which form an integral part of the rental agreement, shall be deemed as accepted only after the agreed down payment has been credited to the ISTRA EXPERT account.

Upon successful payment of the down payment , ISTRA EXPERT shall send the guest a written confirmation by e-mail containing all necessary details of the accommodation and the due date of the final payment.   If the down payment deadlines are not met, ISTRA EXPERT may withdraw from the contract. Non-payment shall be considered a withdrawal from the rental agreement and shall entitle ISTRA EXPERT to rent the accommodation in question to new guests without prior notice.

The down payment shall be made by bank transfer, Pay Pal or a debit card. Any potential transaction costs, such as exchange rate charges and fees, shall be borne by the lessee. ISTRA EXPERT shall assume no responsibility or liability for exchange rate differences and fees of other banking institutions.

The final balance of payment (70% of the agreed rental price) can be made using one of the two provided payment options (depending on the guests' wishes):

  • either by a bank transfer to ISTRA EXPERT account no later than one week prior to the date of arrival;
  • or the account can be settled exclusively in cash upon arrival, either in EURO (EUR) or the local currency KUNA (HRK), in the offices of ISTRA EXPERT.

Please note that we do not and cannot accept debit or credit card payments as form of payment on site.  


In the event that a private villa is booked, the guest shall be obliged to make a cash security deposit for potential damages to the villa upon arrival to ISTRA EXPERT offices. The security deposit ranges, as a rule, between €200 and €1500. The amount of security deposit depends on the size of the accommodation, its furnishing and the equipment available inside the vacation rental. The exact amount of the security deposit to be paid to the property owner (ili nama) upon arrival shall be provided on the written booking confirmation and the ISTRA EXPERT website. 

Please make sure that you have the money ready, otherwise you will not be able to move into the accommodation until you have paid the security deposit. The deposit shall be used by the property owner to secure any damages to the villa, and the property owner shall have the right to claim the deposit in case of any damages to the villa caused by the guest or persons in his/her company. If the damages caused exceed the value of the security deposit, the guest shall be obliged to pay the full amount of the damages to the property owner. Otherwise, once it has been determined that there are no damages to the vacation rental, the security deposit shall be refunded to the guest at the end of the stay.


The check-in and check-out time cannot unfortunately be amended and must be complied with by the guest. As the vacation rental must be cleaned and prepared for the new guests, an earlier arrival time is not possible. On the day of the arrival the booked vacation rental shall be made available to the guest, as a rule, from 14:00 p.m. Only for booked villas is the arrival time from 16:00 p.m. The travel documents / vouchers received by ISTRA EXPERT contain all the information on arrival and departure times. Arrivals after 19:00 p.m. must be announced in advance.

On arrival, the guest shall hand over his travel documents / identity cards and those of his fellow travelers to the ISTRA EXPERT employee, who then fills out the the residence registration form and returns the personal documents to the guest immediately when the agreed and due final payment has been settled in full. Please note that without full payment, neither the lessor nor ISTRA EXPERT as an agent shall be obliged to provide rental services and the holiday home cannot be entered into unless the full rental price is paid.

Guests must leave the accommodation no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure and return the keys to the owner. In the event of delayed departure, all ensuing costs shall be paid directly to the property owner. 

In view of the trip to Croatia, guests and all accompanying persons who will use the accommodation must be in possession of valid travel documents  (an identity card or a passport, depending on the country of origin of the guest). In addition, each guest must check whether a visa is required for his / her entry into the Republic of Croatia or intermediate transit countries, and if necessary apply for it in good time, as well as observe the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the relevant transit countries.  


Termination of the concluded rental agreement shall only be possible in writing (i.e. by sending an e-mail to the ISTRA EXPERT address). The termination of the rental agreement shall come into effect on the date it is receives by ISTRA EXPERT. The guest shall not be entitled to a refund of the down payment. ISTRA EXPERT strongly recommends that its guests take out travel cancellation insurance.

If a booking is canceled, the following cancellation charges shall apply:

  • 30% of the total agreed rental price in case of cancellation from the day of booking up to 31 days before the beginning of the rental period;
  • 100% of the total agreed rental price in case of cancellation 30 days before the beginning of the rental period;
  • 100% for no-show

If the booking is canceled earlier than 30 days before the begin of the rental period, ISTRA EXPERT shall retain 10% of the down payment as a processing fee. In case of early departure or late arrival, the guests shall have no right to to a refund of the rental price.

If the guest can find another guest to as his/her substitute for the same rental period and at the same agreed rental price and under the same conditions, ISTRA EXPERT shall accepts the change and shall immediately following the receipt of all necessary data about the new guest, transfer the rental agreement to the new guest and sent a new written confirmation with changed date to the new guest. In such a case, ISTRA EXPERT shall only charge the costs that may arise due to the change of guests 

ISTRA EXPERT shall accepts, as far it is possible, a free re-booking of the original reservation duly announced no later than 30th days before the beginning of the rental period. 



The vacation rental and the associated ground may be occupied only by the number of persons indicated in the booking confirmation. The number of guests shall also refer to children regardless of their age. Not included are children under the age of one, provided that their arrival has been duly announced. At the request of the guest, the number of guests can be increased up to the maximum capacity of the vacation rental providing that the change in number is announced in writing at least three days prior to arrival date.  The required number of guests must be sent in writing by e-mail to ISTRA EXPERT. After the beginning of the rental period, the guest shall be obliged to notify the property owner of all visitors to the vacation rental. Without the property owner's explicit permission, the total number of guests in the vacation rental or property around ir - including guests and visitors - may not exceed the maximum number of guests allowed. If the vacation rental or the surrounding grounds are occupied by more than the authorized number of persons, the owner of the vacation rental or ISTRA EXPERT may without prior notice refer any surplus persons from the vacation rental and its grounds. If this order is not complied with within 12 hours of the referral, the owner and / or ISTRA EXPERT has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and ask all persons to leave the vacation rental  without further notice. The rental price shall not be refunded in such case. 


The setting up of tents or caravans on or near the property of the vacation rental is not permitted. The owner of the vacation rental or ISTRA EXPERT have the right to request their immediate removal. If the guest does not immediately comply with the request, the owner of the vacation rental or ISTRA EXPERT have the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and without further notice and ask all persons occupying the vacation property to leave. The rental price shall not be refunded in such case.


Weather or not pets are allowed depends on individual vacation rentals. On ISTRA EXPERT website it is clearly listed which vacation rentals are pet-friendly and which allow arrival of pets only upon prior request and approval from the vacation rental owner. Any additional charges per pet or additional costs of cleaning (where applicable) are also listed next to the property. 

When submitting a booking request the guest is obligated to indicate the number of pets arriving. The number of pets may on arrival date may not exceed the number listed on the booking confirmation.

Pet owners are responsible for their pets and removal and disposal of their waste. Pets are for example strictly forbidden from climbing the furniture, getting into bed or using the swimming pool if there is one on the vacation rental grounds. Any evidence of animals on the furniture may increase the final costs of cleaning.

According to regulations, all pets must be properly vaccinated against rabies and any other diseases. The responsibility for the pets lies exclusively with the guest. The owners and ISTRA EXPERT assume no liability for any illness and / or injury to pets during their stay.

In some vacation rentals pets are not allowed. Nevertheless, neither vacation rental owners nor ISTRA EXPERT can guarantee that no pets have at any point in time been inside a vacation rental or that the vacation rental owner does not have pets. ISTRA EXPERT assumes no liability for allergic reactions of Guest that may occur in individual vacation rentals.

If an unannounced pet is brought along, ISTRA EXPERT or the vacation rental owner reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement without prior notice and with immediate effect. As a result, the guest shall be asked to vacate the accommodation within four hours. The guest has no claim against ISTRA EXPERT and / or the vacation rental owner for reimbursement of the rent in such a case.


ISTRA EXPERT always strives to make sure that your holiday accommodation is in a good, safe and quiet environment. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that the guests may experience noise, for example from traffic, construction sites and the like. Neither the owner of the vacation rental nor ISTRA EXPERT can be held responsible for such noise disturbances.

Should the guests disturb the public peace and order and fail to moderate the noise even after being asked, it can be interpreted as a violation of these GTC and the provisions of the rental agreement. In such a case, ISTRA EXPERT and/or the owner of the vacation rental reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement without prior notice and with immediate effect. As a result, the guest shall be asked to vacate the vacation rental within four hours. The guest shall have no claim on reimbursement of the rental costs either from ISTRA EXPERT or from the vacation rental owner.


If the booked vacation rental has a swimming pool on its grounds, the guest is required, for security reasons, to obey any instructions given by the vacation rental owner or by ISTRA EXPERT. Guest use the swimming pool at their own risk. Children are not allowed to enter or use the swimming pool area without adult supervision. Parents are responsible for their own children.


The guest shall at all times adhere to the house rules posted in the vacation rental they occupy. If a guest does not adhere to the house rules, this may be interpreted as a violation of the rental agreement. In such a case, ISTRA EXPERT and / or the owner of the vacation rental reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement without prior notice and with immediate effect. As a result, the guest shall be asked to vacate the vacation rental within four hours. The guest shall have no claim against ISTRA EXPERT and/or the owner for reimbursement of the rental amount.


Damages already established upon arrival, inadequate cleaning or any other defects must be reported as soon as possible to the vacation rental owner and/or ISTRA EXPERT, but no later than 24 hours, otherwise the guest shall be held liable for these damages. Complaints which refer to inadequately cleaned facilities must be reported immediately. 

Complaints shall be made directly to the vacation rental owner or his authorized representative. If the complaint is not processed in a manner that is satisfactory to the guest, the guest shall contact ISTRA EXPERT directly by phone or e-mail to remedy the deficiencies. Written complaints may be sent to the e-mail address of ISTRA EXPERT

A reasonable period must by granted for removal of damages and defects. Claims arising from complaints that are not reported immediately on the spot shall not be accepted. Claims arising from complaints received at the end of the stay or after leaving the vacation rental shall not be accepted.

In case of any performance disruptions, the guest is obliged to do everything reasonable and permitted under the law to contribute to remedying the disruption and to keep any possible damage to the vacation rental to a minimum.

If the guest does not grant the vacation rental owner or its representative adequate time to remedy a defect or is not willing to relocate to another vacation rental of the same size and quality, the guest forfeits the right to any claims concerning the defects and is not entitled to terminate the concluded rental agreement.


The guest undertakes to treat the rented property (holiday accommodation, inventory and outdoor facilities) with due care and to return it in the same condition in which he/she received it. In case of damages to the vacation rental and/or its inventory during the rental period, the guest shall notify the vacation rental owner and/or ISTRA EXPERT immediately. The guest shall be solely liable to the vacation rental owner for any damages to the vacation rental and/or its inventory that arise during the rental period, irrespective of weather such damages were caused by the guest or any other persons that have been granted access to the property by the guest. The vacation rental owner has a right to charge the guest for the damages caused.


ISTRA EXPERT arranges the rental of holiday homes, apartments, villas and other holiday accommodations and is not their owner. The rights and obligations pertaining to the lessor are therefore the sole responsibility of the vacation rental owner. 

ISTRA EXPERT represents the interests of the vacation rental owner in connection with the execution of the rental agreement. The owner, through the contracts concluded with ISTRA EXPERT, has undertaken to provide accurate and complete information about his/her holiday accommodation, and therefore bears full responsibility towards the guest.

If, contrary to the expectations of ISTRA EXPERT, the booking can not be completed, due to circumstances that can not be controlled by ISTRA EXPERT, for example, as a result of a legal action or gross negligence on the part of the owner or the like, ISTRA EXPERT may cancel the booking and immediately reimburse the agreed rental amount already paid by the guest. As an alternative and at the discretion of the guest, ISTRA EXPERT may offer the guest another similar holiday accommodation for the same price.

The descriptions on the ISTRA EXPERT website were created to the best of our knowledge. Photos and text on the website serve the purpose of realistic description. The 100% agreement with description of the vacation rental cannot be guaranteed. The vacation rental owner reserves the right to change the equipment (e.g. furniture) in or around the vacation rental if they are of the same quality and purpose as the original ones.

ISTRA EXPERT cannot be held liable for any damages to the vacation rental due to force majeure, potential power and water outages resulting from bad weather or normal functioning of the utility service companies. Likewise, ISTRA EXPERT shall not be liable for unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances, such as official orders, sudden construction site or for disturbances caused by natural and local conditions. However, the vacation rental owner and ISTRA EXPERT are happy to assist in solving any problems that might occur (as far as it is in their power to do so).

Neither ISTRA EXPERT nor the vacation rental owner shall be liable for the use of entertainment or sports equipment that are a part of the vacation rental.  Arrival and departure of the guests are their own responsibility and liability. The landlord or ISTRA EXPERT shall not be liable for personal belongings in the event of theft or fire. The guest  is fully liable for willful destruction or damages to the property.


ISTRA EXPERT is not liable for photographic errors or mistakes and typos on the written confirmation. Since due to the workload, such mistakes may occur, we kindly ask you to check the details of every offer and document received from ISTRA EXPERT and notify us immediately if any such mistakes are observed.

By agreeing to use our website, guests agree to collection and use of their personal data. ISTRA EXPERT is committed to protection of all personal data of their clients and customers. We collect only those personal data that are necessary for completing the booking process and concluding the rental agreement. Such personal data may be used for any communication with the guest related to the vacation property or provision of our services. Personal data of guests are stored in a database of ISTRA EXPERT customers and clients and are treated as strictly confidential. They shall be made available only to ISTRA EXPERT employees as part of conducting normal business activities. All ISTRA EXPERT vacation rental owners are responsible for compliance with privacy principles.

The data and information published on such as photos, texts and the like are protected by copyright and can not be legally used or partially copied by third parties.

No other terms and conditions other than those listed in these GTC shall apply or exist. Verbal agreements shall not be binding. By transferring the required and agreed down payment for the selected vacation rental, you agree to these General Terms and Conditions.

Should one or more provisions of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an effective one, which comes closest to the commercial and legal will of the contracting parties.

The contracting parties shall strive to resolve any disputes amicably and peacefully. In case of any dispute the parties agree the jurisdiction of the competent Court in ___________and the application of the Croatian law.

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