Method of Payment


To confirm the reservation, a deposit of 30% of the total price of the booked holiday accommodation must be paid to ISTRA EXPERT within _____ hours after successful booking (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not taken into account). The down payment is calculated against the total rental price.

The down payment is paid by bank transfer or _______________. Any transaction costs, such as exchange rate charges and fees, are borne by the Guest. ISTRA EXPERT assumes no responsibility or liability for exchange rate differences and fees of other banking institutions.

For the payment of the remaining outstanding amount (70% of the agreed rental price) we give our guest an option to choose between the following two payment methods:

  • 1. Bank transfer to ISTRA EXPERT account no later than one week before the arrival date;
  • 2. Exclusively as cash payment in Euro (EUR) / Croatian Kuna (HRK) on the day of arrival in the ISTRA EXPERT office.

Please note that no debit and credit cards are accepted as a form of payment on site.

If the arrival date at the time of the booking is less than 21 days, the full rental price must be paid immediately after the reservation has been made (within 24 hours).

In case a villa is booked, a security deposit will be paid in cash. As a rule, the security deposit ranges from 200 € - 1500 €. The amount of the security deposit depends on the size of the accommodation, its furnishing and facilities. The security deposit must be paid upon arrival to the property or to ISTRA EXPERT. Make sure you have the money ready otherwise you will not be able to move into the accommodation until you have provided a security deposit. 


  • Foreign transfer to the bank account of ISTRA EXPERT
  • Depositor: First and last name of the traveler with address
  • Receiver:___________________   
  • Bank: _____________________   
  • Account number: ___________________   
  • SWIFT: ______________________   
  • IBAN: __________________      
  • Purpose: Offer number or reservation number


Step 1:

In our search engine, select your desired vacation rental type, destination, date, duration and number of persons and click on "Search". If you already know the name of the accommodation, indicate it and click "Search". When you click on „search“, the search results for all accommodations are displayed according to your criteria. There you will find the basic information on each accommodation listed: Object name, category, number of persons and basic price

Step 2:

 By clicking on the photo of the desired vacation rental you will find out more details and information about the accommodation. Click on "Submit request" and enter your personal data, length of stay and optionally further comments. The price calculator gives the full rental price for your selected criteria and for the desired period, including any surcharges. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions thoroughly and carefully and proceed to agree to the terms and conditions.

For the further booking process, please follow the instructions of our online system and fill out all the required fields

Step 3: Confirmation..........................   

Step 4: Travel Documents :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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